SWOG Cancer Research Network and its charitable arm, The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research, have jointly developed a website for SWOG Clinical Trials Partnerships (SWOG CTP) as a public resource for current and potential partners to learn about SWOG CTP’s structure and staff, how it conducts research, its latest news, and how to get involved.

SWOG CTP is how SWOG Cancer Research Network collaborates with industry to conduct cancer clinical trials. It is an independent, limited liability corporation with its own leadership, processes, and funding agreements. The mission of both SWOG CTP and SWOG is the same – to significantly improve lives through cancer clinical trials and translational research.

SWOG CTP fulfills this mission two ways:

  • Obtaining and distributing industry funding for federally funded SWOG trials
  • Conducting scientifically rigorous, non-federally funded trials with industry partners

SWOG CTP was originally incorporated in 2008 under the name SWOG Clinical Trials Initiative. In 2018, its name was changed to SWOG Clinical Trials Partnerships to better reflect the collaborative nature of its work. A key feature of the new site is a section devoted to the Preferred Partnerships Program (PPP). Preferred Partners work closely with SWOG research committees under joint scientific and governance structures to propose, select, design, and deploy clinical trial platforms. Preferred Partners are mutually involved in all critical decisions about study conduct, analysis, and reporting, and SWOG CTP will soon announce its first formalized partnership through the program – stay tuned!

In the meantime, SWOG and Hope are pleased to officially launch www.swogctp.org and look forward to sharing news and hearing from you. Inquiries can be submitted through the form on the contact page or emailed to [email protected].