Our Preferred Partnership Program Takes The Long View

We build strategic alliances with companies focused on drug pipeline development or complex multi-arm platform trials.

Preferred Partners work closely with SWOG research committees under joint scientific and governance structures to propose, select, design, and deploy clinical trial platforms. Preferred Partners are jointly involved in all critical decisions about study conduct, analysis, and reporting.

Preferred Partnership Program

You'll be supported by a dedicated CTP infrastructure for rapid study design and protocol development.

DNA sequencing flow cell

CTP Offers Preferred Partners Benefits


  • Preferred Partners work with SWOG’s brain trust of disease, translational medicine, and treatment modality leaders and its world-class statistics and data management and operations centers.
  • Preferred Partners benefit from SWOG’s decades of expertise in budgets and contracts, protocol development and management, legal and regulatory issues, and quality assurance and safety monitoring.
  • Preferred Partners can draw on SWOG’s extensive experience with FDA registration studies, master protocols, and trials that use advanced imaging and banked biospecimens.


  • With dedicated CTP infrastructure completely outside the NCI framework, PPP develops and launches trials within industry-standard timelines.
  • Master agreements speed the opening and closing of individual trials within a partnership platform.


  • Preferred Partners have access to SWOG’s network of more than 1,300 sites in 47 states, including community hospitals, academic medical centers, and NCI-designated clinical cancer centers.

Clinical trials developed by SWOG CTP and Preferred Partners must not compete with NCI-sponsored trials run by SWOG or other members of the NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network.